With the introduction of GDPR there is a lot of talk about privacy policies.

Here is the data privacy policy and retention details for Bridport PC Repair.

Quite simply, we do not store any of your data beyond the absolute minimum. When a job is booked in, you will be asked your name, telephone number, details of the device in question and faults. You will also be asked for any password or PIN details for the device in question. Occasionally we wil ask you for an email address, usually if the verification of a password relies on this, or you would prefer email contact.

Your details will then be entered into an online job ticketing system (repairShopR) and will be subsequently passed on to Quickbooks for invoice processing.
We DO NOT email you unless requested, the only time that an email address would be recorded would be for this purpose.

Once a job is complete and you have collected your item, we then shred the paperwork that we generated upon booking the job in. The only data retained past that point is stored within Quickbooks and repairShopR, namely your name, possibly your telephone number (although not usually) and possibly your email address if provided.

We also operate a CCTV system that records 24/7 and is stored on the premises as well as on an offsite, secure and encrypted cloud backup. This is solely used for crime prevention.

If you pay by card, then your card details are stored offsite in a secure environment.

As with anything, if you need any more information about any of our data protection policies then please don't hesitate to get in touch.